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You Were Born to Shine

I’m Marti, a college professor by day and a blogger, content creator, and supporter at night. I help women that suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic pain, to heal with the science of Ayurveda and Targeted Nutrition to live a fulfilling life with purpose and joy.

A twinkle in my dad’s eye and a sparkle in my mom’s bred a full-fledged, ten-toed, girl, who can’t get enough of natural medicine, Ayurveda, nature, and her books — that being me.

I am a mom (my biggest surprise and pride), I suffer from fibromyalgia and I am a believer that our lives are a learning experience, and that when we face challenges, there are always possibilities, doors being opened. And possibilities open the gate to so many things, those things we dream of, love of, those that we put our thoughts on. My research to understand this dreadful condition better led me to Ayurveda or the Science of Life. I immediately fell in love with the emphasis they put on food as medicine and lifestyle.

I love helping women to manage fibromyalgia or any pain, by applying my experience in Chemistry, Nutrition Science and Ayurveda to live happier lives.

I want every woman who crosses paths with me, to have confidence and love themselves for who they are and not by an illness; what is inside defines you.

Because of my 25 years old journey living with fibromyalgia, I want to share on this page everything I have been through since day 1.

I am sharing all things that have worked for me to manage it naturally and without using drugs (in most cases).

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