Get to know me better: 10 Things About Me

Hi, I’m Marti and I am on a mission to support, uplift, guide, lead and educate women, to live a life away from chronic pain, due to fibromyalgia (like myself) or any other chronic diseases.

I am really good at…listening to people. I will always give you my undivided attention. But I need to admit, that sometimes I get super excited and I tend to interrupt, but I pull myself out of it and go back to fully engage in listening to you. I believe everyone deserves to be listened to, even when we do not have all the answers. This is my Superpower.

Even everyday things that you love to do can be a superpower. For example, if you wash, fold and pack away laundry all in one day, you’re my superhero!)

I am a college professor, and what I hear the most from my students, is how they feel I am invested in them. I genuinely have the best interest, intention, and love for you, because we are All connected, therefore, every living creature is worthy.

Here are 10 Things About Me I bet you did not know.

1. I was born in Puerto Rico

2. I love sleeping in as late as possible, but I understand how important it is to wake up when the sun


3. Please don’t talk to me before my morning cup of coffee.

4. I hate pickles (and all things sour).

5. I am a chemist and a Computer Science Professor too. (I know; crazy combination).

6. When I get stressed I color with crayons in a coloring book.

7. My love language is service (maybe that’s why I love helping others so much)

8. I really like staring at big open green pastures. If horses are in the picture, even better.

9. My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them

10. I play classical guitar since I was 8. But I am not as good, as you may think. Life got in the way.

I see my students as my children, even though many are twice my age. My sons, I have 2, have taught me so much about patience, respect, compassion, and forgiveness. They remind me every day, that you do not need to read 100 in spirituality or religious dogma to show these beautiful virtues.