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The Only Secret You Need To Know To Enjoy Life.

Being Present and Being Free

I am sure you have heard of this one before, Life is an Adventure. Do you agree? After reading many books on self-development, yoga, and mystics, I have come to the realization that life is an adventure indeed. Furthermore, I find myself always asking the same question, what is the secret of happiness?

When I started studying to become an Ayurveda Practitioner back at the beginning of 2020, is when I learned that happiness is more than me or you, than our family, our jobs, our homes, but a deep connection with a higher purpose or dharma, the Sanskrit word used in Ayurveda. What a powerful moment that was for me. You see I am a scientist; you can say that at that point I was a purist or those who study any of the pure sciences as I do with my degrees in Chemistry. So, for someone to tell me that I had to look outside of those established and scientific parameters, it was, let’s put it this way, not going to happen. However, it did happen. That journey continued until today and I am still in the process of getting to this happy state that dharma refers to.

However, I am not saying that the journey was easy. First of all, It’s a trial-and-error collection of acts. I keep learning and continuously keep adding notes to my journal. And speaking about a journal, journaling has helped me so much to express my thoughts and feelings for the day, many times I do this, several times a day. Deep down, I do not want to miss anything that is coming to my head. These could be great thoughts, they may change me or others, so I want to save them in my journal. If I miss something that would have been great, then I would not even get the opportunity to remember it again. So, it is a great activity to do and I highly recommend it.

The science of being present

Another thing I have learned is that I have to live in the present, but most importantly be present at the present time, I hope you get it. It took me a hard time to interpret and apply these two simple words, being present. But I continued my quest to learn and finally I got it! It was a very simple thing to do and you should give it a try too.

Because our minds are full of thoughts, they are never quiet and they act erratically. A very simple thing to do is to close your eyes and fix your attention to a sound, any sound, the ceiling fan, the air conditioning, a song, the birds, anything. The trick is to stay in that state for several minutes, I usually try to do 10 minutes, and by doing so, I get to calm my mind and forget or distract myself about any other thought that was bothering me at that time. So, this is the science of being present, Being Present 101, there is much more to it. And it’s amazing, really.

What does this article mean by living in the here and now? If you are living in the present, you are living in the life of truth.

It means that in order to reside in today’s ways and be ready to deal with the world, we should be very aware of staying present. This means you should consider that you are not depending upon your past and that it should be connected to your present so you will constantly be pleased with your present life.

If you are still sealed with your past, here are the very best things you can do to reside today.


Life is an Adventure.

Be Mindful of Your Environments and Stop Whipping Yourself Up- If you understand your environment, you do not need to believe in your past. It indicates that your attention will remain in your present scenario. You are likewise required to smile and praise yourself for whatever you have actually done.

Get Rid of Unwanted Assets– If you do not wish to live in the past, you need to eliminate all the important things to forget them. Begin living in the present by focusing on the things you require to do. Focusing on those that are important to you. In my case, I live for unity, love, peace, and sustainability of the resources of our planet.

Forgive Past Harms– If you are still connected with your previous scenarios, it is difficult for you to deal with the truth and your present scenario. Make sure that you select to move and forgive. The damage is there, you have to take action to guarantee that it will never ever impact your present state of mind and activities.

Dream for Your Future while Striving Today

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are dreaming big. What matters most is what you are doing at present to satisfy your dreams. Begin setting objectives and strategies for your future.

Stop Worrying– Unlike others, you will never ever value the charm of life if you continue fretting excessively. Keep in mind that tomorrow is another day. Whether you fret about it or not, things will take place.

Living in the present is not as simple as you believe. But once it is mastered, if can impact your life, your health, and your emotional state in many positive ways.

Why is it so important to live in the present? Living in the present ways that you are conscious of your present circumstance, however with a dedication to the future and gratitude for your past.

Living in the present likewise enables you to value the things and individuals around you. If you are focusing on your past or future alone, anticipate that you will never ever enjoy your life.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Until the next one, keep living life at large. Life is always an adventure.


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